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Visit Mind Your Mouth Mondays

Visit Mind Your Mouth Mondays

Mind Your Mouth Mondays was designed with the understanding that there is need to clean up our speaking.

Cursing has become the norm, it fills our music, our television shows, our social media posts, and almost every facet of communication. Some people have lost all ability to speak an entire sentence without cursing.

I have designated Mondays as a day to mind your mouth. It is my goal to place a special emphasis on Mondays as a day to remove any and all cursing from my speech, entertainment, and posts. I will replace those words with words that are encouraging and edifying to those that I contact.

If you join this page, I would ask that you make the same commitment to observe Mondays as curse free days and add words of encouragement and edification as you see fit.

Maybe we will affect our environments in a positive powerful way if we attempt to Mind Our Mouths Mondays???

Who will join with me in this cause to eradicate cursing on Mondays?


About mission2reach

Happily married (29years) Bi-vocational Pastor of small Baptist church near Dallas, Texas. Love life and the thrill of living, people and the opportunity to grow in relationships. I have a house full of pets including 2 birds, hundreds of fish, a large turtle, and a very large dog (100 lbs). I also like to shoot guns, race cars, and pet tigers when given the opportunity. More than anything in the world I enjoy the forgiveness of my sin because of the grace of my Lord. I want everyone to know the love of Christ Jesus and I want that love to be exemplified in my daily living.

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