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Stop Wandering in the Wilderness

Egypt represents bondage, and while most of the folks in this room have made the decision to be free and have accepted Christ as their Savior and Lord; there still are probably a few that are like the Hebrews in Egypt bound to their sinful selves.

Being free from Egypt is a step in the right direction but we need to understand that the Hebrews were released into the wilderness. Free from bondage but wandering in circles because they were afraid to take the next step of faith required to enter Canaan. 

Three reasons why entering into the promise land was a great struggle for the Hebrews:

1) Moses was the leader of the two million plus Hebrews that marched out of Egypt carrying with them the riches of the Egyptians. He was God’s man and the Hebrews had no connection to God apart from Moses. They had seen signs and wonders performed by Moses and even stood here at the precipice of the promised land but determined they couldn’t take what was God was giving to them. Moses died and Joshua would carry the mantle of leadership.

2) These people for the most part were shepherds not warriors. They could make a good brick, or work hard in the heat, but fighting was not among their gifts. The land they were entering was filled with fortified cities of men who were battle tested and ready to defend their property. This would be a daunting task even with Moses by their side and he’s gone.

3) The Hebrews never could grasp that God was with them. They had seen signs and wonders too much for our minds to comprehend and yet still had doubt. 

We too, can end up like the Hebrews in the wilderness on our spiritual journeys if we allow ourselves to get trapped in the routine rituals of our spiritual lives and not develop a personal relationship with Christ. 

If we find ourselves in a spiritual rut, sluggish in our commitment to Christ, complaining  and bickering in our hard circumstances, and failing to thank God for what He has brought us out of and for where He is taking us we will remain in the wilderness. Free from bondage but never enjoying the victory of the promise.


About mission2reach

Happily married (29years) Bi-vocational Pastor of small Baptist church near Dallas, Texas. Love life and the thrill of living, people and the opportunity to grow in relationships. I have a house full of pets including 2 birds, hundreds of fish, a large turtle, and a very large dog (100 lbs). I also like to shoot guns, race cars, and pet tigers when given the opportunity. More than anything in the world I enjoy the forgiveness of my sin because of the grace of my Lord. I want everyone to know the love of Christ Jesus and I want that love to be exemplified in my daily living.

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