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Difficult Trust

       Trust is not something that is only experienced on the mountain tops but also in the valleys. Joshua, who had presumed that one with God was a majority, wanted to go into the promised land and take the possession; but unfortunately Moses had been convinced by the ten spies that came back worried about the size of those who lived in the promised land. Moses was Joshua’s authority and authority is established by God. Now here’s the thing, God was disappointed with their fear filled decision to not enter the promise land. They failed to trust the LORD’s ability to deliver the promise land into their hands. They must have forgotten how He had brought them out of bondage, they must have forgotten how the Egyptians were destroyed by the unseen power of God. “They” being everyone except Joshua and Caleb. So God commanded Moses and the all the Israelites to 40 years of wandering in the desert. If I were Joshua I would have wanted to scream out, “I wanted to go in, why is my opportunity going to be postponed 40 years just because everyone else lacked the faith to move ahead?” But Joshua never said a word, he never complained, he never argued, he never accused Moses or the other spies of causing him undue hardship, he just trusted God’s presence to be with him those 40 years in the desert  He learned from Moses all he could, he supported Moses, he learned from Moses’ mistakes, and he learned from Moses’ dealings with the Lord. He stood in the tabernacle even after Moses went home for the evening and there he learned that wandering in the desert was valuable. 

As I look at the United States and the next four years, I want to be like Joshua. Not prone to complaining and bickering about every bad decision our leaders make. But learning and growing in the presence of our God and trusting He is able to take me through these difficult times. I hope I can learn that my desert wanderings are valuable to my future faith in the God who is able. Let Him ever be praised and may we ever be thankful that no matter who leads it is He who is in control of everything. Amen.