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Addict’s Hope

I have seen your pain, your trials and your struggles, your fears and concerns. I have known your hate for the extreme weaknesses to which you have given yourself time and again. I’ve seen your embarrassment at the wrong choices you have made, and the hurt you endured along the way. You have destroyed your own life, missing moments that cannot be regained. You have cheapened the lives of those about you, taking from them the joy they would have known. You have stole, borrowed, and begged to satisfy your inner longings, only to be fed on that which removes your pain temporarily. The pain is never gone long and that which once you controlled, now controls you. You are unable to let go, it beacons you like a lover and rules you like a master. You have in this process aligned yourself with unseen enemies that take you down pathways of hopelessness and emptiness. The mask you wear to hide from the world is showing signs of over use, and even it has taken on the wrinkles it was intended to cover. You have been abandoned, left of those who once stood beside you, but could not any longer. You have broken promises, failed attempts at recovery and each time it becomes harder. I know you have considered death as an alternative because you think you have tried everything and to your understanding you have, but now you’ve reached a breaking point. The cycle continues and you are weary…but what to do??? You are wondering how I know this? Because, I endured all your pain, I suffered all your failure, I felt every ounce of your addiction, I took on every one of your sins. I died so you could live. I paid your price. When will it end my child? When will it all stop? When will the pain cease and the joy return? When will you give up and allow Me the reigns of your life? Then you will find the peace you desire. I’m not telling you it will be instantaneous bliss, that it will all just melt away, that some of the consequences of you choices will not linger, but I will love you and accept you, and restore you, cleansing you from all your unrighteousness. Will you come to Me and allow My blood to work on your behalf? Come to Jesus.


The Hero by Scott Chadwick

He shuts his eyes to recall a time that yet he hasn’t known,
And breathes a sigh to question why, for now he’s all alone,
No one there to hold him true, to the lies he’s always told,
So now he relaxes in just what the facts is, as he ages until he’s no longer old.
It’s a sad sentiment when he can’t repent of the loneliness that he feels,
Cause he’s never alone or far from home or at least where he eats his meals.

There are days he escapes from the norm that everyone does see,
and there he becomes one of the ones, he knows he never could be.
A smile on his face or there you could see, if the mask he did remove,
but what would be the point of looking beneath for he really has nothing to prove.
Why is he tempted to stand in his fear and fight for what is just?
He asks himself the question but has no answer, he somehow just knows that he must.
So now committed to the defeat that some will never find, 
he braves the transformation, accepts the pain, and continues as if blind.
Tomorrow comes too quickly and passes just as quickly and frequently too,
If you’re not careful, the he that he sees, will be the he that is someday you.
What makes you, you is not what you might think, but more really who you know,
and though unseen with the natural eye the he of whom I speak is someone else’s hero.

I wrote this for all those folks we walk by each day, never knowing the battles they face, the scars they embrace, or why they feel out of place, but wish they could know they are important to someone, somewhere always.