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Visit Mind Your Mouth Mondays

Visit Mind Your Mouth Mondays

Mind Your Mouth Mondays was designed with the understanding that there is need to clean up our speaking.

Cursing has become the norm, it fills our music, our television shows, our social media posts, and almost every facet of communication. Some people have lost all ability to speak an entire sentence without cursing.

I have designated Mondays as a day to mind your mouth. It is my goal to place a special emphasis on Mondays as a day to remove any and all cursing from my speech, entertainment, and posts. I will replace those words with words that are encouraging and edifying to those that I contact.

If you join this page, I would ask that you make the same commitment to observe Mondays as curse free days and add words of encouragement and edification as you see fit.

Maybe we will affect our environments in a positive powerful way if we attempt to Mind Our Mouths Mondays???

Who will join with me in this cause to eradicate cursing on Mondays?


God’s Word for Our Lives

All scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16
All Scripture – not some or part but All Scripture – we don’t just select the portions we like, or choose the verses that look great stitched on throw pillows because all scripture is profitable. It is profitable because it is breathed out by God. God is the author of all scripture and the Word breathed carries with it the Holy Spirit’s authority. If we are to be competent men of God it will only be because we have embraced God’s word. Profitable because of what the Word teaches – the teachings are contrary to the nature of our carnality and it is difficult for us to embrace without the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Our training is to be for the purpose of growing in the righteousness we have obtained when Jesus became our righteousness. We are not yet able to fully, freely live in the righteousness that has been bestowed on us. Like David dressed in Saul’s armor we have the authority but not yet the ability to fight against an enemy that is not flesh and blood; we must also have a working knowledge of the Sword. The Sword will reprove us when we fail to know the heart of God and the sin that so drives us from His presence. The Sword will correct us and bring us back to a path that is well lit, showing us the enemies snares. Jesus spoke the word of God to Satan during his wilderness temptations. Satan never argued against the word but eventually fled from Jesus who was obviously better at handling the Sword. The Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness but according to Luke after the battle Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit. Many of us will need to have a wilderness experience before we can live in the power of the Spirit and eliminate temptation’s beckoning. We will need to be able to fend off the enemy by speaking the word of God just as Jesus did. God’s word is for us today; it is not just some historical book of facts and fiction that should lay collecting dust on a shelf – it is the most powerful, the sharpest, and most precise instrument known to mankind and it cannot be broken. Satan will try and make you doubt God’s word – doubt leads to disbelief, and disbelief to disobedience. Without the word of God, we are without weapon, without ability to defend ourselves, and without light for our paths. Get in the Word of God and Get it in it NOW…